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Top 5 things to do in the South Coast (without seeing anyone else!)

With its traditional fishing towns, idyllic beaches, crystal clear waters, and stretches of big surf strands along the Royal National Park, the south coast of New South Wales is every water lover’s dream.

If you are self isolating, social distancing or simply looking to get off the grid, there are many things to do in Sydney’s South Coast without coming face to face with a single soul. Here are our top picks:

1. Murramarang National Park

Spanning 44km of dramatic coastline, Murramarang National Park is the ultimate spot to soak up some sun and explore the cliffs, headlands and pristine beaches of the NSW south coast. Pack your board and hit the surf, your binoculars to spot the winged wildlife, and your fishing rod to catch your dinner.

2. Murramarang Walking Trails

Closeup of an Australian red kangaroo, Macropus rufus, eating grass on the famous Pebbly Beach in the Murramarang National Park, south coast region, New South Wales, Australia.

Bushwalking in Murramarang National Park is a must for the active explorer, where the scenery on the many walking tracks and trails varies from beaches to rocky outcrops through to some of the most spectacular natural rainforest bushland of the National and State. Start from Durras North where you can choose between the Discovery Trail, Surras Lake Walk, Bobs Rock, The Rainforest Walk and much more.

3. Hit the Surf

The real strength of surfing in the area is the diversity of breaks; with a vast range of beach breaks, point breaks and reefs, all within a 30 minute drive of Murramarang Resort.

4. Murramarang Fishing Spots

Whether you are a complete fishing novice or serious about getting out and exploring, Durras Lake is a host to some of the most productive, isolated and serene fishing on the South Coast. The most common fish you can expect to catch, include whiting, bream, flathead, luderick and tailer.

5. Dolphin spotting

Take a stroll along the beach and keep an eye out for the resident seal colony, bottlenose dolphins and migratory whales in season.

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